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More nails in the coffin

April 27, 2009

ep_main_logo1Here are the latest circulation numbers for the country’s top 25 newspapers:

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How the Air Force uses Social Media

April 16, 2009

air-force-logo1The link below is a very good case study by Dana Thus @ on how the U.S. Air Force is using social media. There are links within the article that take you to the “Air Force New Media Guide”.  While that document was creted for Air Force Public Affairs staff, it may be interesting and useful for those who want to see how other government organizations are tackling some of the new questions or concerns that using social media for communication and outreach bring.

The main article is here:

… and the “Air Force New Media Guide” is here:

New Kind of Journalism Site

April 10, 2009

Walt Mossburg of the Wall Street Journal is recommending new kind of journalist site –

The two faces on Facebook

April 7, 2009

13295f83b4297a76Why do some people create separate pages for their personal and professional lives?

Call it a self-induced, modern-day schizophrenia, but people are starting to split their personalities between separate Facebook pages in the latest movement to live online without having your entire life there.

Interesting idea, could be confusing. Read on, a article.

What happens when newspapers die

April 7, 2009

newspapersFrom Bob Jacobs, Acting Associate Administrator for NASA public affairs, in a note to public affairs directors and news chiefs today on what happens when newspapers go away according to The Nation:

Interesting reading … the takeaway line I saw was “… when print and television newsrooms dry up, the internet will implode into a sinkhole of unedited opinion, hypothesis, rumor, and supposition…” Yep, that’s our new world in which we’ll need to navigate.

To read the essay referenced here go to It’s titled “The Death and Life of Great American Newspapers.”

Astro_Mike tweets from space

April 6, 2009

massimino-thumbnailNASA News Release — Astronaut Mike Massimino is using Twitter to provide a unique, behind the scenes peek at the last weeks of his training for the fifth and final shuttle servicing mission to NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope.

Massimino, whose Twitter username is Astro_Mike (@Astro_Mike), will fly aboard space shuttle Atlantis as a mission specialist and spacewalker during the STS-125 mission, targeted to launch May 12. Atlantis’ 11-day flight will include five spacewalks to refurbish and upgrade Hubble with state-of-the-art science instruments. After the astronaut’s visit, Hubble’s capabilities will be expanded and its lifetime extended through at least 2014.

This will be Massimino’s second trip to space. He first flew on the STS-109 mission to Hubble in 2002. During that flight, he performed two spacewalks.

Along with Massimino, the crew of Atlantis includes Commander Scott Altman, Pilot Gregory C. Johnson and Mission Specialists Andrew Feustel, Michael Good, John Grunsfeld and Megan McArthur.

To follow Massimino’s Twitter, visit: