NASAsphere findings report

March 12, 2009

Recently, NASA JPL released a public version of the NASAsphere findings report. NASAsphere is the pilot internal social networking site that was up a few months ago last year, in case you don’t know.

You can find a copy at


5 Responses to “NASAsphere findings report”

  1. Timothy Allen Says:

    Apparently, that link is blocked by NASA IT Security?

  2. mpfinneran Says:


  3. mpfinneran Says:

    Tim’s right, this report site is blocked as “general pornography.” I submitted a waiver request. We’ll see what happens!

  4. Timothy Allen Says:

    The notice I got said and in the category of “General Pornography”.

    Is it April Fool’s Day already?

  5. Celeste Says:

    Try this one.

    I am the author of the report and originally posted the JPL cleared version. There seemed to be something weird that happened recently, it stopped allowing downloads. I corrected that. Perhaps someone at The Jet Propulsion Laboratory did not like something. There was some political trickery at the end of the project. Hence it never was implemented in spite of high praise.

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