Seeking Team Input re: Twitter

January 26, 2009

Posted to wackomedia by: Bob Allen

Simply put, should the NASA_Langley Twitter account “follow” any other accounts and, if so, which one(s)?

I can see some logic behind the possibility of following or another NASA Center. It would be a using ‘one-stop shopping’ mentality.

On the other hand, I can see how our tweets would be… shall we say, ‘diluted’ (or, at worst, lost in the noise) by the volumeĀ  of tweets coming from Following this logic, NASA is already well taken care of on Twitter; it’s Langley that needs to carve out its own identity, its own space.

Again, on the other hand (that’s 3 now), it is the ‘spirit’ of the Twitter community to share.

What do you think is the right approach?

Your thoughts?


5 Responses to “Seeking Team Input re: Twitter”

  1. mpfinneran Says:

    I think it should follow folks who by dint of being followed might sign up to the NASA_Langley Twitter. That, in part, is the value of following. You’re right about the volume … at least if you are following people who post so often that it is overwhelming. You can always get rid of them later. The value of opening ourselves to the outside world when it is not readily apparent why we should do so is that it spreads the word and widens our audience. Carpe diem!

  2. Bob Allen Says:

    Good points, Mike. Perhaps we should consider following folks on Twitter.

    Now for the tougher question: Who?

  3. mpfinneran Says:

    I’ll do it. Also suggest Keith, Kathy, Chris, You, Emily, Jim. Too many? Right now it is frankly too thin. This is where some guidelines would be helpful.

  4. Bob Allen Says:

    Not *that* who, Mike.

    We need to figure out “who” NASA_Langley should follow? We need to choose value-added folks/entities to follow who we don’t think will overwhelm our voice on Twitter.

    *That* “Who?”

  5. mpfinneran Says:

    That is the tough question Bob. Might try following Bob Jacobs and HQ. And Keith Cowing. People that can lead others to us …

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