Campaign by the internet, govern by the internet

January 23, 2009

imagesRemember the famous trickle down economy of the Reagan era … my question and that of alot of the “blogosphere” is will there be a trickle down effect from the Obama campaign’s use of popular web media on all government agencies? Much is being speculated and written, including this discussion. How might we … the new media team … help or benefit from a saran wrap (transparency) mentality in government? That’s a big question too. Something to ponder during our 10-20% creativity, thinking, searching time.                                 Kathy B.


3 Responses to “Campaign by the internet, govern by the internet”

  1. mpfinneran Says:

    “Yes,” in a word, is my opinion. Transparency will help. We need to be part of that by being as transparent as we can while remaining civil, etc., and not giving away gov secrets (I don’t have any anyway). We need to think differently and accept a new kind of risk, on the notion that it is in fact less risky to do so.

  2. Vuk Says:

    Here you have a nice overview article that leads to some really fine resources:

  3. mpfinneran Says:

    Thanks Vuk. CNET is one of my favorites.

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