A cautionary papal tale about social networking

January 23, 2009

pope_benedict_221208_21According to the Pope today is the World Day of Communications … and I didn’t even get a card, much less a communique.  The Associated Press reports His Holiness has a few words of wisdom about online communications (Hope this link stays long enough for people to read it.)  Kathy B.


2 Responses to “A cautionary papal tale about social networking”

  1. Timothy J. Allen Says:

    Hmm. I’m wondering how much weight the Vatican’s words hold regarding “how to use” new media? They haven’t exactly been world leaders in this area. Not that they haven’t been trying… They launched their YouTube Channel earlier this week amid much fanfare, but…

    Check out this related story (from Mark Walsh at Media News Online)
    After launching to much media fanfare last week, the Vatican’s YouTube channel is already losing its novelty it appears. Since hitting a high of 90,411 views on Jan. 24, the audience for the English-language version of the site had dwindled to 31,558 views as of Monday, according to video measurement service TubeMogul.

    Besides blocking users from posting comments and ratings, TubeMogul pointed out that the Vatican channel also doesn’t allow people to embed its videos on third-party sites. That policy could keep the site from attracting a wider flock on the Web.

    The Vatican has said that it aims to broaden Pope Benedict XVI’s audience through the YouTube channel, while also giving it greater control over the pope’s online image. In his inaugural YouTube appearance last Friday, the pontiff referred to the Internet as a “great family that knows no borders.”

  2. mpfinneran Says:

    Are they open Sundays?

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