Nights before Christmas

December 22, 2008

'Twas the Night Before ChristmasAs I work at my desk listening to holiday music – courtesy Pandora internet radio – I am both overwhelmed and excited by the possibilities presented by “new media.” This is the season for enjoying family and friends, so I won’t go deep, but would like to post a few things to consider when we really get back to work after the new year.

One, I have lots of emails and thoughts from Rich regarding new media. I will collate those and share.

Two, I would like to start a Langley Twitter, possibly in Fab where they’re building Ares stuff, and have spoken with a couple of folks there to see if that’s possible. The work being done in ATOL is also very interesting and might lend itself to such as well. I think we’d need a site like Flickr for posting related photos, too.

Three, we need to do *something* with openLangley. It’s been fine letting it float to see what happens but it may be time to move forward because nothing much is happening there. I realize this is my responsibility but need your ideas/help. There are so many possibilities I can’t even list them here (well, I could) but one thing I’m sure of: it should not be an attempt to replicate, but something new that takes advantage of being unofficial, outside the firewall, two-way, accessible, etc.

Four, it might be time to revisit commitment. I.e., how much of your time can you commit, since this is an unfunded mandate of sorts, and what contributions can you bring to the table in terms of skills, passions, and so on.

I’ll schedule a meeting after the holidays and meanwhile give it some thought in between those visions of sugar plums dancing in your heads. Also if you haven’t yet, check out the recent very good posts at this site!

Happy Holidays,

Mike F.


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