Join the OpenNASA conversation

December 9, 2008

The folks at OpenNASA have been using email in the last few days to discuss how to expand the site to include more centers and more people externally. I’ve been in that loop, and lots of  ideas are flying around, way too many to summarize here.

There has been some talk of moving that discussion to the OpenNASA site, which would open it up for everyone to both read and comment. So I’ve added an OpenNASA RSS feed to this site and removed the New Media Institute feed (which doesn’t seem to offer much new on a regular basis anyway).

I’m not sure if and when that will actually happen, but at least you can keep your eye on it via the feed and jump into the discussion if it is indeed taken up on the OpenNASA site. Meanwhile, if you have any thoughts you’d like to share, leave ’em here and I can pass them on. There’s also nothing to stop you from making comments on OpenNASA.

– Mike F.


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