Keep it coming

December 7, 2008 you put an RSS feed or two on your site, you start to notice a few things about the source … like how often they update. I’ve fed feeds from the New Media Institute, Pew/Internet, Researcher News, and to the New Media Team blog for the past few weeks. The NASA feeds are updated fairly frequently but not really enough to suit my taste, and the last time I checked the Langley external page had no RSS feed, go figure. The Pew and New Media Institute feeds are updated infrequently enough to make me want to switch to something else.

I don’t like to see old stuff for very long. What have you done for me lately? is what I want to know. If the answer is not much, I’m going somewhere else. I suspect that I’m not alone.

And that’s the huge lesson of the Internet and one I am constantly surprised that so many sites seem to ignore. How many times have you checked sites with massive resources and a purported commitment to newness – especially daily news media sites – only to realize that the same stuff has been up for days?

As the saying goes, “there are 8 million stories in the naked city.” So where are they? – Mike F.


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