December 7, 2008

It seems I am correct to be leery of combining my personal facebook with the work project. At least I’m not someone who would get the kind of scrutiny political staffers have to put up with, and I would never dance with a cardboard cutout. This poor fellow, however, committed a big old faux pax by allowing photos of drunken party behavior to go up where anyone and their grandma (and her pet ferret) can see them.

I guess these boundaries will be thoroughly explored in the next few years, and I will retain my curmudgeonly paranoia in any case about what I post in either location. Fortunately my life is that of a boring, middle aged person and there’s not much out there to get me in trouble, except my known and not quite controlled tendency to shoot off my mouth at the wrong time and say something stupid. Or impolitic. Or both.


2 Responses to “Hoooohwhee!”

  1. Emma Says:

    I think he was just being an idiot. It’s not about not connecting your personal profile with your work, it’s about growing up. Drunken behavior is drunken behavior. I choose not to publish certain things on Facebook because I’m also connected to professional contacts; it doesn’t mean I leave my personhood at home. If I don’t want OTHER people to post embarrassing things about ME, then maybe I shouldn’t get into the embarrassing situations to begin with.

  2. Melissa (Dorsey) McDowell Says:

    You are, of course, entirely correct about being an idiot. I have some concern about connecting the work and the personal on FB, for one thing it’s hugely complicated to manage four different sets of contacts from four different “walks” – the rapidly growing High School contingent, the karate people, the sci-fi/publishing people and the work people. People at work have expressed reservations about being Expected to be to tapped in on their personal time with work things, I have wondered myself about how much interaction is too much. I have been on FB for a long time (at least in Internet Years) and there’s a lot of inertia there. It may turn out that the most productive interactions come from the personal side crashing into work but it may not – that’s why separating the profiles is Experimental.

    I think most of the folks at work view their Facebooks as more Work than Personal – but I definitely do not see it that way on my existing profile. Hence the new one, and we’ll see what falls out of it, whether it’s more an impediment or whether it frees me up. Either way, I can always cancel it!

    Thanks for your comments, it is true that nobody should ever put anything anywhere on the Internet they wouldn’t want on the front cover of the New York Times, and it is a very good point.


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