December 6, 2008

Privacy Experiment on Facebook.

The concern has been raised about combining personal with work activities, both in regards to such thing as branch holiday parties held at someone’s home and on FaceBook.

I will throw myself on that grenade and see what difference it makes. I have created a newe Facebook identity – “Melissa Dorsey” – using my husband’s last name and the birth year of 1917. I am going to see if I can create a Network for just Langley NASA people, also. I had to remove my NASA email address from my other profile, change my birth year and last name in order to get it to let me set up the Facebook account.

I will now ask all my friends on NASA networks to add my new profile. Whee!


5 Responses to “”

  1. mpfinneran Says:

    FYI someone from the chief info office is coming to my office Monday to discuss the options for creating an email address along the lines of for the new FB site we talked about at the meeting Friday. There are several options but over the phone I couldn’t comprehend them.

  2. Melissa (Dorsey) McDowell Says:

    If you would like, I can help you out with that. Somehow. Er. I’m in ATOL in the morning, when are they coming by?

  3. mpfinneran Says:

    Annabelle Durand is coming by at 11:30.

  4. Melissa (Dorsey) McDowell Says:

    I can probably be there if you want a geek interpreter.

  5. mpfinneran Says:

    That would be great! Thanks …

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