An open invitation

December 5, 2008

opennasa_2UPDATE: poll added on jump!

I was about to go home Friday night when I got an email from Nick Skytland at JSC, inviting Langley and Goddard to join forces with OpenNASA. The idea is to create a single new web site with JSC, GSFC and LaRC sharing elements of it. Currently, as most of you know, we each have separate sites.

This reimagined site, according to Nick, would feature “one common frontpage with all posts, then separate tabs that you could click on – all with slightly different style sheets, that showed the specific content for each web site.”

OpenNASA has been around the longest (not sure how long) of the three “opens” and has a pretty good following and a lot of contributors across the agency. It’s also being redesigned for a new look and greater capabilities.

Some of you may remember Nick Skytland as one of the NASA employees who produced a presentation called “The Gen Y Perspective” that got a lot of attention. Go here to see a Wired blog about that presentation and about OpenNASA.

I believe that by leveraging resources, content and ideas, a common home, and collective courage, we could make this take off, and create a model for a new way of doing business in the process.

What do you think?

Take a look at at the three sites, and please share any thoughts you have. Here are the addresses:

– Mike


One Response to “An open invitation”

  1. I completely agree, Mike. instead of beating our heads against the wall trying to get people inspired enough to go out and inspire others, let’s start with the self-starters. Those who are already fired up – or at least want to be – make the most difference. People who volunteer – no matter which center they work at – are the true ambassadors for NASA and the enthusiasm they carry really resonates with people outside the agency.

    When I start to feel lethargic about NASA, I know it’s time to go out and talk with schools and Scout groups. Getting out into the real world to talk about NASA – and getting that interpersonal feedback from audiences and individuals – never fails to re-energize me and it always reminds me that working at NASA doesn’t just *sound* special, it *IS* special.

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