MSM 1/Informed Public 0

December 4, 2008

header_cnn_com_logoThe mainstream media (MSM) keeps imploding and now comes  word that CNN is getting rid of its science team, including experienced reporter Miles O’Brien. 

Science/space reporters have been an important part of helping the public better understand not only NASA, but also the universe. Here’s hoping new media might be able to pick up the slack.      Kathy B.


One Response to “MSM 1/Informed Public 0”

  1. mpfinneran Says:

    We are losing a great resource. As a former journalist I hesitate to say “friend” because the best you can ask is not support from the media – that’s not their job – but fair and accurate coverage. And that is what Miles provided … which, in some sense, does mean he was a “friend.” I first met Miles in 1993-94 when I was a public affairs specialist at Goddard. I was impressed because not only was he very good, he was a regular guy, not a prima dona like some media celebrities are. I’ll miss him … and the rest of the team … but I’m sure his future will be just as bright and rewarding.

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