Sanity check

November 26, 2008 the last few weeks you’ve watched and helped as I’ve test-driven a couple of “new media” forms:

  • A blog/website (openLangley)
  • An affiliated Facebook group
  • This site

If I were to rank them at this point, I’d have to say this site works best, it actually works; the openLangley blog comes in a distant second, the Facebook group third.

So … why? And why not?

Of course, that assumes you agree with this ranking. If not, let’s hear that too. Plus any other related thoughts. Enquiring minds want to know! (can anyone place that phrase?).


2 Responses to “Sanity check”

  1. Melissa (Dorsey) McDowell Says:

    It works yo a point. We are talking to each other, but we haven’t managed to talk to anybody on the outside. We may not want that right now, but this blog is public so my assumption is that we do want others to participate or comment.

    Have we got any non-lagley folks at least? If not, I’ll invite two…

  2. mpfinneran Says:

    I’ve thought of it as an “us-only” site even though it is totally public. Well, except that search engines are blocked. I made it totally public because that was the only way to make it totally easy for us. I thought keeping it to ourselves would let us be freer in talking. Maybe it is time to invite others, though. In fact, in a sudden flash of inspiration, I think that may be a fabulous thing! Let’s do it!

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