Webinar anyone?

November 25, 2008

LogoGovernment Executive is sponsoring a free webinar Dec. 11 that you might be interested in joining. Click here to register. Thank Rich for the tip.

Web 2.0 is spreading throughout government. The Commandant of the Coast Guard recently produced a YouTube video calling for his organization to embrace social networking and the need to understand how to operate in its environment. Wikis are proliferating; many agencies are blogging and creating Facebook and MySpace pages for recruiting and information gathering. A culture of engaging directly with the public is developing.


4 Responses to “Webinar anyone?”

  1. Melissa (Dorsey) McDowell Says:

    The Nav Center is now scrambling to “Webinate” the AIAA conference in January because of the congressionally imposed funding limit. Not sure exactly what we’ll be doing, but we’re looking for ideas (I have pinged NASA EDGE) and we’ve considered:

    Making DVDs of Langley presentations to be run in the presenter’s spot at the conference.

    Webcasting certain sessions of the conference to NIA or NASA Langley

    Setting up interactive voice or text chat sessions which are easy to get to so that participants at AIAA can talk to Langley paper authors for questions and commentary.

    Recording sessions for podcast later.

    Setting up a teleconference type Social Hour in the AIAA Internet Cafe

    and others. I would welcome comments and suggestions from anyone, and we’re really going to try to make it happen with short time and maybe even shorter budget.

  2. mpfinneran Says:

    I would say that if people were actually going to ATTEND and PARTICIPATE before the conference flap arose, they should be willing to take part in an interactive deal. So I would make it interactive for sure. That would come closest to replicating the original. After that, it’s gravy what extra stuff you do.

  3. Timothy Allen Says:

    Yep. Interactive. I can always get video content sooner or later, but I go to a conference so I can get *instant* feedback from otherwise inaccessible experts on questions that I sometimes don’t even think of until I’ve attended particular sessions.

  4. Melissa (Dorsey) McDowell Says:

    They were going to attend and participate. We now have to scramble to do what we can, which may well not include full interactivity except in very limited places or sessions. We’re trying to pull together all the info we can on Langley particpants and where/when they’d have been presenting and we’ll be trying to get a poll back on what they’d have gone to see while they were there. Then we’ll apply that to our (so far) very limited list of resources and try to hit the very highest priorities.

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