Old media still trumping new .. for now

November 25, 2008

Neilsen, the company that gauges and rates media usage has a new media consumption survey out: Neilsen reports TV use at all-time high

Of course, I hate to be cynical and point out that in the past rating TV programs is where Neilsen has made a lot of its money.  Kathy B.


5 Responses to “Old media still trumping new .. for now”

  1. Melissa (Dorsey) McDowell Says:

    When times are tough people gravitate toward amusements which are free. TV. Libraries, anything that will pacify the kids and not cost you a fortune. I suspect before too long, though, people will start downsizing their cable packages and spending a lot more time on youtube or hulu, facebook and other target…er… social networking sites.

  2. Mike Says:

    Also the fact remains that “old media” still dominates in gross numbers of people it reaches. Still, as one Gen Yr puts it, “the times they are a-changin’.”

  3. mpfinneran Says:

    Last thought for now, from, of all places, the Department of State in a “New Media Versus Old Media” analysis (http://usinfo.state.gov/journals/itgic/1207/ijge/ijge1207.htm)

    “… while the percentage of those who identify the Internet as their primary news source has grown to 26 percent, a strong majority of the American public is still getting their news from television. According to a July 2007 Pew Research Center for the People & the Press survey, two-thirds of Americans say they prefer television. Again, blogs and other forms of citizen media are just one component of online news, where the biggest audience numbers are generated largely by sites owned and operated by the richest media companies, such as Time Warner’s CNN.com, Yahoo News, AOL News, and Gannett’s USA Today.com. Reportage on these sites is overwhelmingly traditional in nature, suggesting most Americans, when they go online, are still consuming news that adheres to time-honored principles of fairness and accuracy.

    Still other signs suggest that Americans remain hesitant to abandon the type of journalism practiced in old media, even if they are leaving old media platforms like newspapers en masse. A different survey from the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press found that 68 percent prefer getting news from sources without a particular point of view, while just 23 percent want news that confirms their points of view.”

  4. kbarnstorff Says:

    What’s particularly telling in all this (for those of us who have been around the media for a long time) is that Nielsen (sorry I misspelled it earlier) now tracks internet and mobile phone usage!
    It didn’t do that until two years ago.

  5. Timothy Allen Says:

    We used Nielsen’s SIGMA service to track some of the Public Service Announcements we produced at JSC. It was expensive to track, but the results told us some things that we didn’t expect to hear.

    One was that cable networks (like Time Warner) tended to air our content during prime time *way* more than we thought they did. We thought we were getting stuck with the 2am crowd, but the tracking results showed that we ended up getting more than $600,000 worth of “free” air time during the period we tracked compared to if we had paid “market rate” for advertising. (Of course their comparison rates to demonstrate the value of the air time we got aren’t really anywhere near what anyone would actually have to pay for if they negotiate at all, but we did get a better end of the deal than I had expected.) The results also showed that Cable Networks are still very hungry for HD content.

    On another note, I think it’s interesting that Nielsen uses NASA images in their web pages about the ratings system…


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