Facebook & Apollo 40th

November 24, 2008

A team of Langley folks has started to plan for events and activities to mark the 40th anniversary of the first lunar landing. One idea is to create a Facebook page and see how many people around the world we could get to sign up and become fans. What would resonate? Think of the success of “When I Was Your Age, Pluto Was A Planet.”

“Let’s Go to the Moon?”

“Where Were You When Neil Armstrong Landed on the Moon?”


6 Responses to “Facebook & Apollo 40th”

  1. Melissa Dorsey Says:

    I don’t remember it but I am advised by my parents that all three of us kids were brought down to watch the moon landing on TV. I was not quite two years old, so I don’t expect to remember it. But that’s where I was, my parents thought it was important, so we saw it.

  2. mpfinneran Says:

    So maybe it’s not about remembering it, because that’s not the Facebook crowd so much, but something people regardless of age could relate to (and making the link to Apollo indirectly)? “If they asked me, I’d go to the Moon”?

  3. katrinayoung Says:

    I like the approach about making a connection between both groups – those who were alive in the Apollo days and those who were not (like me).

    Questions like – what item would you take to the moon and why? There maybe an opportunity to have a “show and tell” type page/section. Link it to what the Apollo astronauts did carry.

    This may be a little odd but during the meeting there were names of places, building that have a space-connection whether because of a mission or the person. I would be interested to know if there other places or things named after space missions, persons, or NASA related “stuff.” Here is an example: Grissom Library in NN. This may be more for a local area or not. Just thinking out load. Again, we would encourage images/video uploads.

  4. mpfinneran Says:

    What I’d Take To The Moon?
    What I’d Do On The Moon?

  5. Melissa (Dorsey) McDowell Says:

    Sadly, the moon is devoid of the festive…er… atmosphere of a vacation spot. So there’s no point in taking a bathing suit, beach towels or even a good book. However, it’d make a dandy place to take pictures from, though I’d rather have a big honkin’ observatory than a kodak instamatic. I’d put it on the dark side.

    Other things to do on the moon, all the gymnastics I could never get the hang of in standard Gee. Head high flying side kicks, 15 pirouettes.

    Set up and project the biggest laser show ever, to be visible from Earth in my hometown, spelling out how awesome I am, as well as thanking my commercial sponsor. Eye Safe lasers, of course.

  6. Mike Says:

    That’s what I’m talkin’ about! I’d bring a pressurized shed, barbeque grill, recliner, microwave and frig, and WiFi with lots of electronics and call it my getaway.

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