Twittering your life away

November 20, 2008

It’s all about the tweets … so says the best-known NASA project twitterer, Veronica McGregor of JPL. Veronica writes the tweets for the Phoenix Mars Lander, the Cassini spacecraft and the Mars Science Laboratory mission (and yes, she says that’s too many missions to try to keep up with, so she’s passing at least one of the feeds off).

She has put together a best practices presentation that she will try to send to other Centers, but in the meantime … this is her advice about the “trick for twitter.” Make sure every tweet you send is worthwhile. (She concentrates on general operational tweets for the missions.) Then go to the twitter page to monitor feedback.

She adds some of the questions that come in are very technical in nature, so she has others she calls on for answers. Those who follow her feeds have been particularly interested in computers, code, whether you’re open source.

And she says one other thing  … The twitter feeds don’t fit into her normal work day. She does them from home. And she adds … with the immensely popular Phoenix twitter … she did many tweets late at night, so she would get fewer questions and could wait to answer them in the morning. – Kathy B.


5 Responses to “Twittering your life away”

  1. chakaal Says:

    Can you edit in a link to where we can go to get these things? I’m twit-ignorant!


  2. mpfinneran Says:

    What is Veronica’s job at JPL?

  3. kbarnstorff Says:

    Veronica is JPL’s Media Relations Manager (News Chief).

  4. kbarnstorff Says:

    Here’s a link with a story about Veronica’s twittering.

    As for twitter itself … it’s a feed you sign up for by going to http;//

  5. Mike Says:

    What I thought but can’t keep track …

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