OMG, two in one day

November 19, 2008

Psyblog, via google, has been silent for ages, but now ponies up two interesting links in one day. If blatantly stolen paragraph seems interesting, then click on it and read the rest. I’ve never heard of this guy before, maybe some of you more worldly folks have, but his name is Malcolm Gladwell and it looks like he might have a line on the kind of things we are trying to do.

Gladwell first shaped clouds of unknowing in 2000 with The Tipping Point (a phrase coined by economists as early as the 1950s), which described the ways in which epidemiology could be useful in understanding how ideas and products spread through society. His book proved a case in point. It not only became a ‘viral’ bestseller itself – shifting millions of copies in 25 languages – it also spawned the idea of viral bestsellers – Freakonomics and Nudge and the rest have followed,



2 Responses to “OMG, two in one day”

  1. Mike Says:

    This adds a very interesting dimension to things … trying to understand where each of us is “coming from” rationally, and adjust, create those new neural pathways that cause the scales to drop from our eyes, so to speak.

  2. books Says:

    “I study myself more than any other subject; it is my metaphysic, and my physic.”

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