Hints at Obama’s take on the web?

November 10, 2008

FYI — There’s been a fair amount of chatter today among the web folks on the NASA Portal Editorial Board mailing list about the www.change.gov site (i.e., the Obama transition web site).

The gist of it seems to be that they’re thinking that an Obama administration might loosening the reigns on government web communicators a bit.  There’s some expectation that social networks might become a part of the standard toolbox for government.  Everyone thinks (not surprisingly) the web will be huge under Obama, given how his campaign embraced it.

Brian Dunbar, who started the ball rolling and is (more or less) the driving force behind the nasa.gov we have today, chimed in with this:

It will be interesting. A loosening of some of the standards wouldn’t be bad. The upside is that much of it will be easy to implement. The downside is that it’s much harder to implement it well.

And that’s where we’ll come in…


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