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There’s an institute named after us!

November 29, 2008

New Media InstituteHere are some of the topics covered: New Media News, Hot Topics & Issues, Facts & Stats, Latest Studies, Internet Law Library, Awards, Conferences, Workshops & Webinars. I’ve added an NMI RSS feed to our site about blogging. Here is what NMI says about itself:

The New Media Institute (NMI) is a research and fact finding organization whose mission is to improve public understanding of issues surrounding the Internet and other forms new media communications. Read the rest of this entry »


Chem prof knows brains

November 28, 2008

My chemistry teacher used to say “Take care of the little stuff and the big stuff will take care of itself,” when advising us to keep up with our homework. It seems he was right, as borne out by this study about managing large projects with lots of subtasks. Maybe this will be of interest to someone.

Sanity check

November 26, 2008 the last few weeks you’ve watched and helped as I’ve test-driven a couple of “new media” forms:

  • A blog/website (openLangley)
  • An affiliated Facebook group
  • This site

If I were to rank them at this point, I’d have to say this site works best, it actually works; the openLangley blog comes in a distant second, the Facebook group third.

So … why? And why not?

Of course, that assumes you agree with this ranking. If not, let’s hear that too. Plus any other related thoughts. Enquiring minds want to know! (can anyone place that phrase?).

Participation, openness, conversation, community, connectedness, real time

November 26, 2008

Those are what one public relations blogger says consumers want today. Read his thoughts and see if you agree: Five social media trends to watch out for

Kathy B.

All the news that’s fit to Facebook

November 26, 2008

Want more Facebook friends? It never hurts to advertise, at least according to the New York Times: NYT sees success in Facebook push

Kathy B.

Webinar anyone?

November 25, 2008

LogoGovernment Executive is sponsoring a free webinar Dec. 11 that you might be interested in joining. Click here to register. Thank Rich for the tip.

Web 2.0 is spreading throughout government. The Commandant of the Coast Guard recently produced a YouTube video calling for his organization to embrace social networking and the need to understand how to operate in its environment. Wikis are proliferating; many agencies are blogging and creating Facebook and MySpace pages for recruiting and information gathering. A culture of engaging directly with the public is developing.

Old media still trumping new .. for now

November 25, 2008

Neilsen, the company that gauges and rates media usage has a new media consumption survey out: Neilsen reports TV use at all-time high

Of course, I hate to be cynical and point out that in the past rating TV programs is where Neilsen has made a lot of its money.  Kathy B.

Social Networking and Print Collide

November 25, 2008

Check out this if you have not, there should be a lot of things that we can offer with the amazing amount of NASA images already available on the web.

‘Your Mind Has No Borders’

November 24, 2008

For the REALLY interested … The New School in Manhattan offers a Graduate Certificate in Media Management that “meets the challenges posed by new and emerging media technologies and evolving corporate structure by training students in key areas of communication and convergence for the 21st century.” It can be earned online. Check it out here.

Social networking ‘white paper’

November 24, 2008

Click here for a ‘white paper’ by Cision, a global PR and marketing company with 30K clients on several continents. The white paper is, of course, a form of Cision’s marketing … still there are interesting perspectives here.

” … the new wave of social media consisting of vast numbers of small and large social networks facilitated by services such as Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Flickr and YouTube, as well as micro-blogging networks such as Twitter. Communities of like-minded individuals, often thousands or millions strong, are communicating, interacting and creating their own content. These networks host their own conversations, where passionate advocates often air out powerful preferences and opinions for and against brands.”